Sigal Uniqa Group Austria

I was assigned to create this website while working at Karrota Advertising Agency.

SIGAL Kosovo has been operating in Kosovo since 2003 and is part of the mother company SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA.  The company is licensed by CBK (Central Bank of Kosovo). In Kosovo they operate with 7 branches, 45 offices and one headquarter located in Prishtina.


Sigal Uniqa Group Austria


Web Design




For this project, I was assigned to create a new look for Sigal Uniqa Group Austria. I was handed a design system as far as what typeface, colors and illustrations to use.

As far as the look and layout of the website, I was free to create e newer, more enhanced site that would welcome its clients with a broader explanation of who they are, what they do and how they can help their clients.


By the end of the project, the client had a refreshing modern look that complimented their services. A more detailed website that delivered their points where they needed to do so.

And sticking to the visual system, it had continuity with the other websites around the world.

Other work

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