I was assigned to create this website while working at Karrota Advertising Agency.

RPHS Law is a full-service law firm based in Prishtina, Kosovo, focused on providing corporate and commercial legal advisory services. We advise both local and international clients on a wide range of legal issues in the field of commercial and corporate law, banking and finance, merger and acquisitions, infrastructure and energy projects and dispute resolution.




Web Design




The website I crafted for RPHS Law is more than a virtual presence, it's a reflection of the firm's commitment to gravity and excellence. The design reflects a serious and professional attitude, setting the tone for the distinguished services that RPHS Law provides.

The color palette, composed of refined hues, conveys a sense of trust and reliability. Each element has been meticulously chosen to strike a balance between seriousness and approachability. The typography, clean and legible, ensures that information is presented with clarity and authority.

User Experience

In crafting the website for RPHS Law, paramount attention was given to the user experience, ensuring a seamless and intuitive journey for every visitor. The navigation is thoughtfully structured, allowing users to effortlessly explore the depth of legal expertise offered by RPHS Law.

The user interface is designed with clarity and purpose, providing a clean and organized layout that prioritizes easy access to essential information. From the initial landing page to the detailed service sections, the design guides visitors through a logical flow, enhancing their understanding of RPHS Law's practice areas and values.


The website has effectively elevated the firm's professional image. The sophisticated design communicates a sense of trust and credibility, establishing RPHS Law as a distinguished authority in the legal field.

Other work

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